How to: Add Benson to your site

September 13, 2022
How to: Add Benson to your site

Simple Setup

Copy the below snippet and add it to the head of every page you want Benson to protect. Shopify Plus customers, remember to include the snippet in Checkout.liquid, too

1. Copy the below snippet

<script async src=""/>

Shopify Plus Users: Don't forget to include the snippet in Checkout.liquid, too. Learn about checkout.liquid ↘

That's it! Once you've added the snippet to every page on your site, Benson will get to work blocking extensions, and reporting back.

Advanced Setup

1. Integrate Google Tag Manager Custom Events

By default, Benson pushes custom events to window.dataLayer ever time an extension is detected on page.

You can send these events to other tools like Google Analytics, Klaviyo, Drip or Facebook to build audiences and integrate Benson into your existing analytics stack.

Custom Event Uses

Using Custom Events with GA4

Did you know Benson offers a bespoke development and setup service? If you need help setting Benson up, email and I'll be happy to help

  • Build lookalike audiences of known extension users (discount-orientated, low AOV shoppers) on Facebook to exclude or target from campaigns.
  • Augment your Google Analytics data with Discount Extension usage to measure your customers' orders and performance.
  • Trigger popups and modals with Klaviyo, Mailchimp or Drip to capture a discount-heavy crowd and upsell them with 'Spend X Save Y' offers and AOV-increasing bundles.