Understand how power-shoppers convert on your store

Extension users are always-on bargain hunters. Meaning barriers to purchase are lower and incentives work .. but how do you leverage this?
Understand which extensions drive sales, and at what cost
Use your existing analytics stack to tag extension users, their orders, and how they interact with your site
Start building relationships with savvy shopoholics
Benson knows which shoppers are using extensions like Honey to make purchase decisions easier so that you can start interacting with them.
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Discover a powerful new customer cohort

Are extension visitors your new VIP group? Activate an army of DTC savvy shoppers looking for a bargain.
Build first-party audiences of shopper-savvy potential customers
Use Benson to create a lookalike audience on Facebook and reactivate them with flash sales, or exclude them from expensive retargeting campaigns.
Discover new ways to interact with good shopping behaviour.
Use Benson to tag your mailing list with extension visitor behaviour and create an audience of ready to buy shoppers, or trigger on-site banners to encourage .
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Make more meaningful shopping relationships from 🍯

Benson to help get more value from your partnerships.
Data Layer Led: Tap into Benson data using Google Tag Manager to augment your martech stack with discount extension data.
Top Martech Platform Integrations: Want to watch how Honey visitors use your site in Hotjar? Now you can.
Start understanding a new customer demographic that's here to stay, and their impact on your performance.

Benson sheds light on shopping behaviours hidden in plain sight.

Understand the impact that discount extensions have on your revenue, and make decisions backed up with unique first-party data.
Just some of the features::
Detects over 50 extensions
Custom Data Layer Events
Block or Enhance Extension Visibility
Integrates with your martech Stack
Find more ways to capitalise on your affiliate spend with 🍯
Take back control of your discounting strategy
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