Getting Started With Benson

So, you want to start taking control of your discounting strategy, huh? Let's get to it. Here's how to get started blocking in under two minutes
September 12, 2022
Getting Started With Benson

Quick Start Guide


  1. Head over to
  2. Sign up and create a Site
  3. Add the Benson Snippet to the head of every page you want to protect
  4. (Optional) Send Benson Events to Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager
  5. Start Blocking!

For Shopify Plus customers, you'll want to add the snippet to the head of checkout.liquid, too. This will allow Benson to run on your checkout, too.


How does Benson work?

Without giving too much away, Benson actively hunts down traces of discount extensions in the browser to stop them dead. Benson scans your site automatically for unwanted extension code and breaks it in various ways, whilst leaving your site fully functional and even faster!

How do I know if discount extensions like Honey are good for my business or not?

This is a subjective question based a lot on your goals as a digital business, but here are a few red flags to look for to show that extensions like Honey don't have the impact they say they do.

  1. You start blocking extensions but your conversion rate and revenue doesn't decrease (or even increases)
  2. When blocking extensions, your affiliate costs reduce drastically
  3. Your Affiliate network AM immediately reaches out from nowhere to check that 'everything is okay on your side' because they've noticed a drop in sales, and everything is fine.
  4. Your margin increases as if by magic.

By default, Benson sends custom Google Tag Manager events whenever an extension is detected and blocked. That means that with a little setup, you're able to tag up your visitors in any analytics and martech platform you like.

Here are some examples of cool things you can do with this feature:

  1. Create a Facebook audience of extension users, and build lookalike audiences around them.
  2. Send custom events to Google Analytics and see whether those extension visitors are really incremental or not
  3. Add custom messaging to your website when a coupon extension visitor lands on your site
  4. Tag extension visitors inside Klaviyo and send them through with higher value discounting flows to encourage more sales

Why don't Benson stats match my own analytics?

This is completely normal and could be for several reasons - Here are the most likely:

  1. Benson doesn't run on every page, only the ones you choose to install the snippet on. Most extensions like to favour your cart and checkout, and might not show on other pages.
  2. Benson only blocks on Desktop sessions (e.g. where browser extensions can be used) so if you have a particularly skewed mobile versus desktop traffic ratio, we'll only report on that subsection
  3. Adblocks and permissions opt-ins can interfere with your own analytics data, reducing the number of sessions counted compared to Benson
  4. You're firing Benson more than once per page! If the number of sessions reported in Benson is far higher than you'd expect, you might need to double-check that your implementation is working. I'd be happy to help with all your analytics issues, so catch me at

How long before I start seeing meaningful stats?

This depends a lot on the number of visitors to your site. Large sites can expect to see meaningful stats in less than an hour, whilst more niche sites will have to wait longer to collect data. That being said, as long as Benson is recording data, you'll be able to see it from within the Reporting tab, whether you have one session or one million ✅

What does early access mean for Benson?

Right now, it means getting the product in front of actual customers like yourself so that you can start using, provide feedback on new features as they launch, and start saving immediately. Supporting early on will let me put all my time and effort into building a product that saves you margin.